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Inspirational music & Darshan Timimg on 7:15 am to 8:30 pm

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Gaushala Haldwani, a sanctuary nestled in the heart of nature. Explore our website to discover the haven's vibrant ecosystem, our mission for animal welfare, and the various ways you can support our cause. Join us in our commitment to nurturing and protecting our bovine friends and their environment.

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Aao Milkar Gau Sewa kare...

Gaumata (cow) Sewa(service) brings blessings from God and provides relief from all troubles and sorrows.


Our Daily Schedule

  • 04:30am:  Mangala Arati
  • 05:00am:  – Tulsi Arati
  • 05:15 am:  Japa (mantra meditation)
  • 07:00 am:  Guru Puja
  • 07:15 am:  Sringar Arati – Greeting of The Deities
  • 07:45 am:  Srimad Bhagavatam Class
  • 12:30 pm:  Raj Bhoga Arati
  • 06:30 pm:  Gaura Arati (Sandhya Arati)
  • 08:15 pm:  Shayan Arati
  • 8:30 pm:  Temple Closes

Our Visitors

“Welcome to Gaudham Halduchaur – where every visitor is a cherished guest and every moment is an opportunity to discover the beauty and tranquility of this enchanting place. As you step into our realm of natural splendor and cultural richness, may your journey be filled with awe-inspiring vistas,

heartwarming connections, and unforgettable experiences. Embrace the serenity of our landscapes, immerse yourself in the warmth of our local hospitality, and let the spirit of Gaudham Halduchaur leave an indelible mark on your heart. Your presence here is a gift, and we’re delighted to share this slice of paradise with you.”