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Shril Nityanandpad Ashram

Shril Nityanandpad Ashram is a well recognized Gau Shala, non profit, non governmental and non political voluntary social service organization.

It was started with having a Global Mission of protecting and saving street cows. Shril Nityanandpad Ashram GauVansh Raksha Avam Seva Kendra family is indulged in various social activities for saving cows and providing them better shelter and food. The main objective of the Ashram is to serve the cows like unattended, roaming, thirsty, hungry and cows that doesn't provide milk too, who can neither speak, struggle, steal or demand nor quarrel for food to service without it. Srila Nityanandpad Ashram GauVansh Raksha Avam Seva Kendra has the opinion that these animals need more personal attention than the human beings. Starting with a "Gau Shala", this Mission is initialized with full efforts.

There are more than 800 cows, 750 bull, 30 orphan children and 20 old women in Ashram. There are more then 70 (Bhakt) members in our Ashram family Ashram is working with the Aims:-
Save the Cow serves Lord Krishna by caring for a herd of rescued and retired cows.

  •  1. To create peace in the world & a sense of brotherhood, love & mutual harmony amongst public in general.
  •  To organize Kathas & other public awareness program in India & other countries of the world for development of the humanity.
  •  To establish the ashrams for maintaining the world peace & brotherhood and gurukuls to provide education to poors & weak segments of Ashram.
  •  To provide help for widows and homeless women.
  •   Construction of a School for poor Children (Under Construction).
  •  To establish, maintain and administered such as ashrams including homes for old-age, sick, disabled.
  •  To distribute necessary things like cloths, food and money for the poor and needy help fewer people for their welfare.
  •  Helping of disabled & backward classes.
  •  Construction of old-age home, hospital and school.
  •   A bigest Construction of GauVansh Raksha Avam Seva Kendra (Future Plan).